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What exactly do we do at Myllash?

We help facilitate business success through web tools and services. we provide a complete package of web tools including websites/apps, hosting from small to websites to large scale servers with auto scaling and load balancing, digital marketing including marketing campaigns, product launch, email campaigns, social media campaigns and a host of others.

All of these we provide, but with a twist. We only provide hosting for projects we build or manage. We do not provide conventional commercial web hosting in which  a freelance developer can buy a hosting package for his project.  

We provide services for big and small organizations inclding social, non-profit, business and spiritual organizations alike. Whether you're running startup, an SME, a fairly large or actually large organization of any type, we're just the right guys to get you going on the web!

Who We Are
Your IT department

Helping you dominate the web

Come to think of it, what is it that makes what we do particularly necessary for your organization?

Consider how much it would cost to get a dedicated ICT department in your organization, especially if the department would be effective and up to speed, exploring the latest trends and techniques in the field. You'd have to pay for research, give incentives for creativity, train, train and keep training - cos' the field is constantly evolving. This is where we step in.

We have a battalion of up to date, efficient, self trained yet well trained full time and casual teams and team members who we assign your project to get you flying.

We might not have staffs assigned to your physical office, but we definitely have your firms IT requirements close to our hearts.

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